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Welcome to Class 4's page! 

Welcome to Class 4's page! We hope you enjoy having a look around our page, and seeing all the exciting things we will be learning about and experiencing this year. 

To find out more about our learning this term have a look at the long term overview below:

Class 4's Long term overview 

Please find below Class 4's Summer term homework map and Class Newsletter:

Class 4's Autumn term newsletter

Class 4's Homework map 2021

This term's theme is:

 'Our British Roots'

This term the children will be travelling back in time to learn all about the Victorians. 

The children will investigate a number of historical enquiries including: 

What was the significance of the Victorians Era to our British roots?

How did the Victorian period change the way people lived? 

How does life in the Victorian period compare to modern day life?

How has crime and punishment changed over time? 

School Value of Trust

The school value for this term is Trust. Below are some images of the children's brilliant trust artwork which they created, inspired by the concept that trust is:

Taking someone at their word

Relying on someone to support you

Unbreakable promises

Showing that you can be trustworthy

Treasuring good friends 

My Special Thing!

Children in Class 4 will be participating in ‘My Special Thing’ every Friday. This is traditionally a Year 5 and 6 privilege at Uley School and an opportunity for the children to build their confidence with public speaking.  Over the year, each child will be given 10-15 minutes to give a presentation to the class about something which is meaningful and significant to them.

So far this term, members of the class have spoken about their pets, holidays, and Minecraft! Each child has been given the date for their presentation, however if you are unsure when your child's presentation is, or have any questions about 'My Special Thing' please do come and speak to me. 






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