At Uley Primary School, we use the White Rose Maths curriculum.  We want our staff to be confident at teaching maths and for our children to become fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics, to be able to reason and to solve problems. At Uley School, we appreciate that there are some aspects of maths that need to be learnt before others, e.g. place value needs to be understood before working with addition and subtraction, addition needs to be learnt before looking at multiplication (as a model of repeated addition). White Rose Maths emphasises number skills first, carefully ordered, throughout our primary curriculum. 

Reception Long Term Plan

Year 1 Long Term Plan

Year 2 Long Term Plan

Year 3 Long Term Plan

Year 4 Long Term Plan

Year 5 Long Term Plan

Year 6 Long Term Plan

Maths Progression

At Uley we teach mathematics so that our pupils develop their understanding and enjoyment of the subject, and this includes linking the subject where possible to concepts in our everyday lives. 

For teaching the four calculations, please see our Calculation Policy. This outlines the methods we use from Reception to Year 6, to teach addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. 

Please click here to view our Calculation Policy




The purpose of Rainbow Maths is to improve the children's rapid recall of the four operations when applied to basic mathematical questions. 

The children spend 10 minutes each day working through their colour card. Everyone starts the year at the lowest part of the scale. When a child can successfully answer most of the 50 questions correctly within 5 minutes every day for a week they then move up a colour. 

Elements stages: Addition and Subtraction

Fire, Air, Earth and Water 

Rainbow stages: Multiplication and Division

  • Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue  - Multiplying
  • Indigo and Violet - Dividing 

Award stages - Division and Decimals

  • Bronze - dividing and multiplying 
  • Silver - dividing 
  • Gold - divding decimals
  • Platinum - dividing decimals
  • Kryptonite - converting decimals
  • Plutonium - percentages
  • Mercury - calculating square and cubed numbers 
  • Uranium - algebra 

If you would like any Rainbow Maths sheets please click on the links below. Answer sheets can be collected from the class teacher. 

EYFS Rainbow Maths objectives

EYFS Rainbow Maths worksheets

Year 1 and 2 Rainbow Maths objectives

Year 1 Rainbow Maths

Year 2 Rainbow Maths

Year 3 and 4 Rainbow Maths

Year 5 and 6 Rainbow Maths

This is an award winning interactive site that aims to improve pupils maths skills through fun activities linked to the UK National Curriculum. This website can be accessed from any computer.

Aspects of Mathletics are:

  • Learning activities linked to all areas of maths.
  • Learning is individual -  At their own pace, children can complete activities they would like to do or complete activities set by their teachers. If the activities set are too easy or too hard this can be adjusted to meet your child's ability.
  • Live Mathletics - Improving mental maths skills by answering questions against the clock, whilst competing against other children from all around the world. Also children can invite their friends at school to compete against them.
  • Problem solving games
  • Times tables toons - Children can learn their times tables through these fun, animated songs.
  • Rainforest maths - Activities suitable for foundation stage and key stage 1 aged children.
  • Concept search - Children can use the Mathletics dictionary to find out what different mathematical vocabulary means.
  • Clear charts to show pupils their strengths and areas for improvement - A pupil can complete any activity as many times as they would like.

Teachers can see how children in their class have performed on the activities they have completed - this information can then be used to help teachers assess any misconceptions they may have, and highlight areas for improvement and extra teaching. 

 Individual profiles - Children receive points for each activity they complete, which they can 'spend' on creating their own profile - The more points they earn the more exciting their profile can be!

Each child at Uley C of E Primary School, from Reception to Year 6, has their own username for Mathletics. Each child has been given a card to take home to enjoy practising their Maths at home.

Mathletics can be accessed from the website below: or by simple searching Mathletics using google. 



There is a statutory Multiplication tables check for children in June of Year 4. The test consists of pupils answering 25 multiplication questions (up to the 12 times tables) within a certain time limit. The main aim of the tests is to increase children’s confidence with learning their times table in preparation for their time in Year 5 and 6.To help practise and recall their times tables in school, the children complete a daily Rainbow Maths activity and enjoy competing in a times table competitions within their class. However, we also encourage all pupils to continue to practise their times tables at home.

Below are a list of useful website/resources you can use to support your child/children at home with practising and recalling their times tables:

Hit the button (Used within school for the times table competition)

Multiplication practise (This is in the same format as the Multiplication tables check)

Maths games - contains a range of fun and interactive multiplication games for the children to play.

Mathletics - An online Maths platform.

Rainbow Maths sheets – attachments available online for parents to download.

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