Assessment at Uley

At Uley Primary School, we believe that in order for all our children to be successful learners then assessment for learning must be at the heart of everything we do.  We have created a broad, balanced, rich and vibrant curriculum, to excite and motivate our children, enabling them to develop confidence in themselves as independent, enthusiastic life-long learners.

At Uley Primary School we aim to provide opportunities that will enable all our children to become successful learners who enjoy learning, make progress and achieve. We encourage our children to be creative and imaginative and develop a lifetime love of learning.

We believe the key purpose of assessment is to move all children on in their learning in order for them to reach their full potential, now and in the future. Continual monitoring of each child’s progress gives a clear picture of what each child is achieving and their next steps.

It is important that each teacher knows what has been remembered, what skills have been acquired, and what concepts have been understood. This enables teachers to reflect on what children have learnt and informs future planning. The outcomes of our assessments will help children become involved in raising their own expectations.

Through assessing, recording and reporting on pupils’ work, we aim to:

  • enable individual pupils to make progress in their learning;
  • be underpinned by confidence that every child can improve;
  • involve both teacher and pupils reviewing and reflecting upon assessment information;
  • provide feedback which leads to pupils recognising the ‘next steps’ in their learning and how to work towards achieving these;
  • include reliable judgements about how learners are performing, related, where appropriate, to national standards;
  • enable teachers to plan more effectively;
  • provide us with information to evaluate our work, and set appropriate targets at whole-school, class and individual pupil levels;
  • enable parents to be involved in their child’s progress;

Please read our Assessment Policy for more details

Uley School Assessment Policy

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