Homework at Uley

We believe that our children should be encouraged to undertake homework at an appropriate level.  This is because:

  • Learning is not something that just goes on in school
  • It can further stimulate enthusiasm for learning
  • It promotes independence
  • It encourages children and parents to understand that learning is something for which they too have a responsibility
  • It consolidates learning and aids progress
  • It encourages shared opportunities between adult and child
  • It can be a great source for gathering topic information to share with all the children
  • It is a great opportunity to rehearse key skills such as times tables, spellings, handwriting and other key facts
  • It helps to foster good habits of organization and self-discipline in preparation for the demands of Secondary School


Uley School supports all of the above key principles and whilst we recognise homework as an important part of school, we believe that it should not be problematic or dominate home or school life. We appreciate that not every activity will capture children and parents’ imagination and that weekends can sometimes be busy. We believe that homework should be part of learning and be enjoyable and manageable for all concerned.  We do not specify amounts of time that must be spent on a task, preferring individual children and families to set their own routines. Individual teachers are happy to give advice.


We hope the children are motivated by positive incentives and by the tasks themselves; children are not penalised if they do not complete the work. However discrete homework registers are kept and if there is a concern surrounding supporting the school’s homework policy then this will be discussed with the child and their parents.

Homework is set termly in all classes in the form of a homework topic web which is linked to areas of the curriculum and each choice of homework encourages a particular skill such as “research”, “make”, “apply” or “practice”. 

These are set and sent out once a term with each new topic.  Children are given ample time to complete chosen pieces of homework as we encourage quality over quantity.  The amount of time given and due dates are published on the topic web when it is sent home.


For more information, please read our Homework Policy


Reception Homework Autumn 2023

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Years 1 and 2 Homework Spring 2024

Years 3 and 4 Homework Spring 2024

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Years 3 and 4 Homework Summer 2024

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