Supporting Children with Medical Needs in School

Uley School has adopted the DFE guidance Supporting Children with Medical Needs in School.

There is no legal duty requiring school or setting staff to administer medicines. However the school recognises that children with medical needs have the same rights of admission to a school or setting as other children.

Most pupils at some time have a medical condition, which could affect their participation in school activities. This may be a short term situation or a long term medical condition which, if not properly managed, could limit their access to education.

Uley School have staff that are happy to administer medication to pupils who have a recognised medical condition who is being supported or treated by medical professionals, which will last longer than 15 days and will require the pupil to have a care plan protocol in school. 

Supporting Children with Medical Needs in School is not a policy for short-term illness and related medication, for example antibiotics or paracetamol for a cold or eye infection etc. The school remains insistent that under these circumstances it will have to consider whether to administer medication. Any pupil who is infectious or too poorly should not attend school until they are well enough.


Please come and speak to a member of staff if you have any questions.


Care Plan

Medicine Consent Form

Supporting Children with Medical Needs

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