Collective Worship

Patterns of Worship

The general pattern for daily worship is as follows:

Collective Worship Timetable

Monday 9am

Singing Worship

Music Leaderr

Tuesday 9am

Whole School Value Worship

Worship Leader plus staff

Wednesday 9am

Class/KS Worship

Class Teachers

Thursday 9am

Open the Book Team


Friday 9am

Live, Learn, Flourish Worship

Head Teacher


Key Christian festivals and end of term services take place in St Giles’ Church, led by staff, children and members of clergy together. Families and the community are invited to join us. Canon Michael leads regular collective worship in school.  We also welcome other visitors to lead worship.


We have adopted the twelve Christian values from the diocesan publication, ‘Roots and Fruits’, which form the basis of our worship and wider school life.

These twelve values are:

Generosity                                                                                   Compassion

Courage                                                                                       Forgiveness

Friendship                                                                                    Respect

Thankfulness                                                                              Trust

Perseverance                                                                              Justice

Service                                                                                        Truthfulness


Uley C of E Primary School Collective Worship Policy


Click on the link below for some home-school value activities

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