School’s PE & Sport Mission / Vision Statement 

Physical Education at Uley C of E Primary School provides pupils with the skills, knowledge and understanding of various aspects of health, exercise, sport and well-being to enable them to live a healthy life and enjoy physical exercise and sport.

Through sport and PE we aim to:

  • Help children to be physically fit and mentally alert in order to learn well
  • Increase the children’s confidence and competence in a range of physical activities.
  • Enable them to understand the value of exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle
  • To encourage positive attitudes such as sportsmanship, teamwork and fair play
  • To develop self-esteem and confidence
  • Give the children opportunities to take part in extra-curriculum PE activities.

At Uley, our school development plan is continually reviewed and developed in order to achieve outstanding National Curriculum outcomes for children at our school. To achieve the outcomes within our development plan, we analyse our PE budget to ensure the sports premium funding is used in a sustainable way. 

Links to our PE development plan and PE Premium Evidence of Impact below: 

Uley C of E Evidence of Impact Plan 2017-2018

PE funding

Uley's Evidence and Sustainability plan for 2018-2019


Inter School Sports Competitions 2017-2018

Last year, children within both KS1 and KS2 enjoyed attending many inter school sports competitions against schools around the Dursley and Stroud area. Some of the competitions and tournaments attended includes: Netball, Football, Hockey, tag rugby, swimming, fielding and athletics events and multi-skills events. 

 Uley's successes at the events 2017-2018:

  • The Uley boys football team played against 5 different schools  at Rednock. The team showed excellent sportsmanship and team work across all of their matches. They managed to score many goals, including an amazing free kick  from Archie to help win the final match of the tournament. 
    • A quote from Mal (Team Captain) and Huw: ' We may have lost two games, but we tried our very best and thoroughly enjoyed the competitions.'
  • The Uley Netball team achieved 3rd place during the Autumn blue schools competition.
    • Netball report from Violet Large: "Uley Netball team went and competed at Rednock school. We played against four other schools but sadly it wasn't our day and we lost our games. However, we all came back with a smile on our faces.
  • Over the winter terms in 2017/2018 pupils from Uley competed in the Cross Country tournament held at KLB School. All pupils who attended the tournament showed excellent determination to battle the wind and rain to improve their final position within each race. A huge congratulations to Elliot Russell for winning the Junior Boys tournament. 

  • On Tuesday 5th June the Uley swimming team competed in a swimming gala at Dursley pool. The team competed in a range of swimming races including breast stoke, back stoke, front crawl and a medley of all three. The team won many races and overall came 4th within the tournament for small schools. 

    • A huge congratulations to all the children who competed in the swimming gala. The children who competed in the swimming gala: Elliot, Louis, Isabelle, Roo, Seth, Huw, Violet, Isabel.

  • District Track and Field events 2018. Last year, Uley School competed in the yearly district field and track events. Results from both events are below: 
    • Elliot - 1st place in 80 m sprint and 1st place in long distance. 
    • Archie – 1st place in 60m sprint and 1st place in long distance. 
    • Krystal – 2nd place in long distance and 2nd place in 60m sprint.
    • Shelby – 3rd place for 70 m sprint
    • Pearl – 3rd place for 80m sprint
    • Daniel, Bradley, Seth and Elliot – 3 rd place for boy's relay
    • Romilly - 2nd place in triple jump
    • Daniel - 1st place in accuracy throw
    • Bradley - 2nd place in Rounders ball throw
    • A special mention to Ella, Isabel B, Lindy, Albert, Ezrie, Dotty, Ethan and Jimmy who also took part in the tournaments and represented Uley School fantastically.  

Below are some pictures from the past events:

               Uley Field events Team 2018                                         District track team 2018

                          Uley Netball team 2018                                       Uley Boys Football Team 2018


Inter School Sports Competitions 2018-2019

Boys football tournament 

Above is a picture of the Uley boys football team, who competed in football games against local primary schools around the Stroud and Dursley area. During their matches, the team displayed excellent sportmanship and team work, helping them to achieve 3rd place in the competition. 

Netball Tournament 

Above is a picture Uley's School Netball team. The team had a fantastic time playing against different schools and were able to achieve 3rd place overall in the competition. 

Cross Country events at KLB School


This year, we have seen Cross Country club's attendance continue to grow. Every individual within this years team has shown determination to battle against the cold, win and rain and try their best to improve upon their previous time and positions within the races. 


Girls football festival

After the popularity of the Girls Football club, a small group of Year 4,5 and 6 pupils attended a girls football festival at Rednock Secondary School. During the festival, the girls had the chance to play friendly football games, meet new friends, increase their confidence and overall their enjoyment for playing football. 

A quote from Dotty about the event: 'The football festival was brilliant because you got to meet new people and try something different!'



Tag rugby festival

On Thursday 14th February, a selection of Year 5/6 children attended a tag rugby festival organised by Gloucester Rugby. The team had a great time playing games against different schools in the Gloucestershire area and displayed excellent sportsmanship and teamwork. Archie (in class 4) also received  a special award for his encouragement towards the team and excellent try scoring. 

Quicksticks Hockey Festival 

On a very windy Thursday, a small group of Year 5/6 attended a quicksticks hockey tournament at KLB secondary school. The team showed excellent sportmanship and determination during every game they played and overall came third in the tournament. 

PE Activities/Events at Uley

During 2017-2018, we were very fortunate to experience a range of sporting events at Uley. This included visits from Adam Pengilly, Olympian for the 'be the best you can be' iniative and a visit from paralpmpian Katrina Hart delivering physical activities to help raise money for the sports initiative. 


                        Class 3 meeting Adam Pengilly

Sport for Schools Iniative

This year children across all four classes participated in the Sports for Schools initiative. The iniative is a charity run event which encourages children to participate in a range of sporting events to raise money for both the school and an Olympic athlete. We were very fortuate to have a visit from the Paralympian Katrina Hart, who ran a circuit training session and delivered a talk to the children on her experiences as a Paralympian. 

The children thoroughly enjoyed the event, and overall raised a massive £600 in sponsorship. 60% of the money raised was used to buy new sports equipment for the school. 

Thank you to everyone who sponsored a child at the school. 

Perseverance Sporting Morning

During our spring live, learn and flourish week the team captains within the school planned and organised a range of sporting activities linked to our school value of perserverance.


Intra-Schools Sports Competitions 2017-2018

As a finale to their tag-rugby sessions, Class 4 competed an intra school competition. The competition highlighted some excellent sportmanship and team work by all pupils. Sam (The Gloucester school community coach) also quoted: "It was the perfect way to end an excellent cluster of coaching with the class, they are a fantastic group of not only great rugby players but characters too who I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know."

Results from the intra school competition are below:

Results Table































Points structure- Win= 4 points Draw= 2 points Loss= 1 point















All points from the intra school competitions are accumulated and added to school's team points record. 


Sporting clubs at Uley School

Current sporting clubs being run at Uley School include:

Athletics club - starting on Tuesday 7th May 3.15-4.00pm (Staff member in charge - Miss Walker)

KS1 Sports - starting Monday 10th June 3.15-4.00pm (Staff member in charge - Mrs Bingham)


Past pictures and Achievements with sport at Uley

           Uley Boys Football team National finalists 2017                    Uley Cross Country team 2017                                                



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