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May 2018

Wednesday 2nd May 201817:30Current Reception Transition into Year 1
Monday 7th May 201800:00Bank Holiday Monday
00:00Bank Holiday Monday
Wednesday 9th May 201814:00Head Teacher's Surgery
Monday 14th May 201809:30Y6 SATS week
Tuesday 15th May 201809:30Y6 SATS week
Wednesday 16th May 201809:30Y6 SATS week
Thursday 17th May 201809:30Y6 SATS week
Friday 18th May 201809:30Y6 SATS week
Saturday 19th May 201800:00Harry and Meghan's Wedding
Monday 21st May 201814:00Head Teacher's Surgery
Wednesday 23rd May 201809:10Reception Collective Worship
All welcome
Friday 25th May 201800:00End of term 5
00:00End of term 5
Monday 28th May 201800:00Half term break
Tuesday 29th May 201800:00Half term break
Wednesday 30th May 201800:00Half term break
Thursday 31st May 201800:00Half term break
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