Useful Information

We hope that you will find the general information below helpful. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions. Further details can also be found in our prospectus.

When your child is absent from School, regardless of reason, we must be informed by telephone or email on the first day of absence. We must also receive a letter addressed to the Class Teacher explaining the reason for absence. When it is necessary for your child to leave during the school day, such as for a dentist visit, a dated letter must be sent to School explaining the reason and expected times for pick up and return. On occasions when it is absolutely necessary for a child to require absence from school
for family reasons, written permission must be sought from the Head Teacher.

All admissions, regardless of year group of time of entry, are now decided by the Local Authority. We welcome all prospective parents to come and have a look around our School, the decision then lies with the LA. Appeal is possible if applications are unsuccessful.

We have high expectations from every pupil at our School and expect them to show respect for the School Code of Behaviour; an official document which is written by the pupils at the start of each year.

Complaints Procedure
We understand that from time to time we may not always get things right. In such circumstances, we appreciate being approached at the earliest possible date so that we have the chance to resolve any issues.

Dropping-off and Collecting
Due to our 'tucked away' position within this picturesque village, we have to restrict vehicle access down to the School. We kindly ask that all parents park either at the top of Woodstock Terrace and walk down, or along South Street and use the footpath through to the School. We are asked to inform all parents that both the car park in South Street, by The Knoll, and the gravelled space at the bottom of Woodstock Terrace
are private property and for use by residents only.

Learning at home provides pupils with the opportunity to practise skills which they have learnt in class, reinforcing key concepts and vocabulary.

Late Arrival
If your child is late for morning registration, we insist that they must be brought into the School building by their parent or guardian and signed in at the office before they go into class.

Uley Primary is a secure school which has a keypad system for entry into and out of the school building. Our Foundation Stage children enjoy playing in their new enclosed play area which is equipped with colourful safety surfacing and ten foot gated access. We are currently waiting to have CCTV cameras installed which will further enhance our security and affirm our commitment to the safeguarding of every pupil in our care.

Transfer Procedure
We aim to provide every year six pupil with the skills, knowledge and confidence to continue their learning journey as they move on to their secondary schools. Parents will receive the relevant information about secondary choices at the start of year six and our Head Teacher and Deputy Head are always available to discuss any anxieties or questions which you or your child may have.

At Uley Primary, we believe that the wearing of a School uniform encourages a sense of belonging and encourages the children to take pride in their School. We expect every child to comply with the School uniform and ask that parents and carers support us in ensuring that the children come to School dressed appropriately. The uniform is readily available from the National School Wear Centre in Stroud.